Payment gateway ComGate for 0,99%

"Payment by card in 6 currencies and payment keys for the CZ, SK and PL. Daily money transfer to your bank account free of charge."

Payments by card and payment keys for 0.99%

You can pay in CZK, EUR, PLN, HUF, USD and GBP

Payment buttons of banks in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland

We send the money to your bank account daily and free of charge

We work with most eshop platforms, that makes integration of payment gateway a lot easier

Get an offer, it's unbound

ComGate payment gateway pricelist

A small turn

Transaction Fee:
0,99% + 3 CZK

Gateway Administration:
6 EUR / month.
Gateway integration: 100 EUR
Billing fee: Free
Bank Transfer: Free

Greater turnover

Transaction Fee:
0.89% + 1.5 CZK

Gateway administration:
4 EUR / month.
Gateway integration: Free
Billing fee: Free
Bank Transfer: Free

Extra turnover

Transaction Fee:

Gateway administration: Free
Gateway integration: Free
Billing fee: Free
Bank Transfer: Free

Simple and fast implementation of the payment gateway

Fill in the form

Fill in the form and our colleagues will tell you in turn.

Simple implementation

Thanks to the support of most eshop platforms, implementation is no worries.


Once the gateway is implemented, we will test everything