Call centre

Telesales long ago ceased to be the mindless calling of thousands of phone numbers with a single offer. We are now at the start of an era of a sophisticated approach to addressing potential customers. Be part of it and offer them what they need, in a way that is natural for them.

Stop calling up, start selling

More than 300 operators at 3 branches

Thanks to this we guarantee a high level of service availability

Information line as a sales channel?

We aren't afraid to look for new solutions and get the most out of every component of your current sales strategy. Transactions concluded over the information line? Why not. Changing a cost item into an upsell channel need not be sci-fi. We will advise you how to do it.

Every minute spent on paperwork is a wasted minute

How much does your projects' back office cost you each month? And are you really sure that your colleagues are working as effectively as they can? Use their efforts for something more creative than entering contracts in the system or filling in tables. We will ensure complete and reliable back office for you, and you will save stress and, most importantly, money.

With ComGate we have been implementing cross sell telemarketing campaigns since 2015. We appreciate the quality management of supervisors, the interest of the management and the responsible approach of the individual operators.
Markéta Jandová, ČEZ

Satisfied operator = satisfied client

95% of operators are full-time employees

45% of operators have worked in the company for more than two years, 69% of managers started off as operators

Who do we help with customer servicing?

Shall we discuss it over a cup of coffee?

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