We bring in customers. How do we bring them to you?


How to ensure that customers reach for your goods on the shelves in a shop? Rely on our consumer competitions and loyalty programmes. We ensure the entire process in one place: we propose the mechanics, appearance, we get the rewards, we handle the logistics and the information line. Your campaign will be managed by one of our specialists, who will look after the smooth preparation and implementation.

power supply and distribution,
mobile operator

Are you looking for new customers, or would you like to look after the existing ones better? Thanks to lead gen campaigns we will find people interested in your products or services. We will address them and turn them into customers. Online, over the telephone, or during personal sale. We will offer your existing customers something new (up sell / cross sell), and we will win back those who are leaving (retention campaign).

bank, insurance company

Are you thinking about how to get new customers? We have been working for financial institutions for more than 10 years, and we are constantly coming up with more modern, effective acquisition methods. We arrange meetings, which we ensure throughout the entire Czech Republic, we prepare information lines for you for surveys and sale, and we prevent clients from leaving. We are registered with the Czech National Bank, our own employees ensure all sales of financial products.

e-shop & online

Do you want to compete with the biggest players? We will free you of your warehousing logistics cares so that you have the time to develop your e-shop. We will look after your goods in modern warehouses in Prague, Pardubice and Bratislava. We will help you increase turnover thanks to a payment gateway or banks' payment buttons. We will service your customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and we will design a customised payment solution for you if you are focussing on foreign territories.

ComGate in figures

more than 400 employees I 700+ customers I revenues CZK 500+ million

We appreciate the speed of implementation and also the high level of processing of our requirements.
Jiří Lacek, Europ Assistance

Shall we go for it?

We convert your ambitious plans into functional projects. We are a partner who works far beyond the boundaries of the order - implementation - invoice scheme. We are proud of long-term monitoring of a common goal. We want to share our know-how with you, and in a lively discussion seek out the best possible solutions for your business.

First we have to find out what concrete figures you want to achieve. Together we formulate goals and exchange the first ideas about how to achieve them. Sometimes they will be somewhat general, and sometimes virtually everything will be clear from the first meeting. Acquisition of new customers and care for the existing ones is a field with a vast number of combinations of services and resultant solutions. We always perform at least one pilot project before we find the strategy that we launch in full.

ComGate is our main partner, and it generates the largest number of concluded contracts and highest number of conversions of successful sales and quality.
Markéta Jandová, ČEZ

Shall we discuss it over a cup of coffee?