Logistics & Fulfilment

Looking for fulfillment partner in CEE? From 3 warehouses we cover Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria plus other European countries. With us You have the reliable partner for safe product storage, accurate picking and packing, same day despatch and in time delivery. We offer easy e-Fulfillment Integration and full control of your products. Free up your hands and leave cares about storage, packaging and delivery to us.

from 2 EUR for delivery,
1 EUR for picking and packing

The special offer applies to storage services and volumes of monthly delivered shipments of 300 or more.

How does it work?

3 logistics centres in the Czech Republic
and Slovakia

The warehouses near Prague and Bratislava are a guarantee of rapid servicing of a large number of customers.

Why outsource with us?

We can handle one-off and large-volume events, and help you prepare for seasonal fluctuations. We know how to package fragile and large goods or high-value goods. We take over from you the task of communication with the shipper, you save time and money because this is included in our price. We can handle specialities too - we verify documents or carry heavy goods upstairs. And now we deliver consignments on the day of order.

And what's more? With us you convert fixed costs into variable ones and save. You will only pay for what you really need. What's more, your goods in our warehouse are secure and insured. The result of our work is your free time - we do the maximum to ensure that you gain space, for example, for the further development of your e-shop.

We have reduced the time for the delivery of goods to customers and reduced shipping costs.
Olga Turgoňová, nakladatelství Kniha Zlín

See what it looks like in our business

With us you always know what is going
on with your goods

We monitor the movement of goods in a warehouse, we supply an API interface for connection to your system

Who can rely on us?

Shall we discuss it over a cup of coffee?

Call, write: + 420 495 855 474, mail@comgate.cz